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Looking for Speco Technologies DVR software, user manuals, spec sheets, and more? Below is a list of items you can download for free.

Windows / MAC Computers

Speco Multi-Client CMS Software For Windows
Models Supported: VT, NS, DS, VS, RS, ZIPKIT, HD
If you have multiple DVR’s you can download this software and view all your cameras on one screen. This application is for desktop computers only.

Click Here To Download Multi-Client For Windows

Computer Software For MAC’s
Although you can view your cameras on your MAC, the software does not support multiple DVR’s like the Windows Multi-Client software. You will only be able to view one DVR at a time.

Click Here To Download MAC Client Software

Android / Apple Smart Devices

Speco Player App For Android
Speco Player is designed to work with the VT, HT, HS, NS, NSP, NSL, DS, VS, WVS, ZipKit, and HD DVR models of Speco Technologies. It is designed to give a user remote viewing access of live video from their DVR as well as playback recorded video and take snapshot images of live video.

Click Here To Install Speco Player On Your Android Device

(or go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for “Speco Player”)

Speco Player App For Apple

Click Here To Install Speco Player On Your Apple Device

(or go to your App Store on your Apple device and search for “Speco Player”)

Product Literature

Speco Technologies VT DVR

RSI Audio Video Security

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