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Luxul WiFi Solutions

In today’s high speed technology world getting and internet connection to every room in your home or business building can be frustrating and discouraging. If your current internet modem is just too weak for the rooms at the other end of your building or on other levels we have a great solution for you. With the Luxul WiFi system we are able to place access points in these rooms so they are able to connect to your internet with ease and strong signals.

Available for residential and commercial applications. We can install the Luxul WiFi system in homes, buildings, automotive shops, offices, or wherever you may need a stronger solution for your WiFi needs

The best thing about the Luxul is that as you walk around your home or building it will automatically pick up the strongest access point and switch your device to it. No more manually disconnecting one WiFi network to turn on the strongest network.

Michigan Authorized Dealers and Installers
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Installation Services

Authorized Reseller and Installer of MI
Our Luxul installation services include, but not limited to, the features below:

  • On site consultation and no obligation quote
  • Strategic planning of access point locations for full optimized WiFi connection
  • Running and fishing wires in walls and ceilings to hide all wiring
  • Mounting all of the access points security to walls and/or ceilings
  • Programming the Luxul device for network ID, password, etc…
  • Walk through building or home to ensure the Luxul device is working properly
  • Cleaning of job site such as sweeping, vacuuming, etc… to clean up our mess
  • Customer orientation and training of the Luxul brand product

RSI Audio Video Security

If you are in one of our service locations give us a call at 586-219-0808 to get started. RSI Audio Video Security is standing by to help you and/or your business get the strongest internet WiFi connections possible. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation and quote.

From the time we set foot in your building or home we will work with you and guide you every step of the way. After we leave, we will just be a phone call away if you ever need help or have a problem with our work or the Luxul product.

NOTE: RSI can only provide support at Michigan locations where we have installed the product. If you are not in our MI service area please contact Luxul directly at their website below.

About Luxul

Luxul Headquarters
Luxul is the leading innovator of simple-to-deploy professional grade IP networking solutions for use by custom installation professionals. Designed for use in both residential and commercial environments, it offers a complete line of solutions that simplify network design and deployment—resulting in a scalable network that is both powerful and easy to install. Installers can deliver the ultimate WiFi connection solution for your business and/or home.

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