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Team RSI

Team RSI Audio Video Security has 3 members. Each team member has their own unique ability from installation to IT support. With over 50 years of combined experience we are sure to be the best team for your job.

Robert Jenkins
Sales / Consulting

Robert Jenkins has been providing customers with top quality products with professional installation services since 1989. As a seasoned veteran in the audio, video, and security industry, Robert is the person to go to for all of your home and business needs.

As the lead singer of the band 2 Days Gone Robert can also sing too. We aren't sure if he can dance though.

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Chet Brzezinski
Installation / IT Support

Chet Brzezinski has been providing IT support to customers since 1997. As an honorably discharged Marine Corps Veteran, Chet knows the meaning of getting the job done and getting it done right. After his discharge in 1997 he got his start in the computer industry creating websites for small businesses. He created two internet based companies from the ground up, made them successful. In 2012 Chet connected with Robert Jenkins and Eric Walimaki and became a part of the RSI team.

During his free time, you can probably find Chet on the roads of Capac, MI riding his bicycle. We'd appreciate it if you didn't run him over.

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Eric Walimaki
Installation / Audio Video Expert

Eric Walimaki is a professional installer of audio video and security equipment. As an expert in the industry he also provides customer support for home theater systems including, but not limited to, remote controls, stereos, amplifiers, and more.

When Eric isn't installing like the pro he is most likely either hunting, fishing, or 4 wheeling.

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