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Agricultural Farm Security

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Farm crime such as theft of live stock, equipment, fuel, and machinery is on the rise. The most effective solution is farm surveillance using security cameras, which have produced images vital to successful prosecutions over recent years.

RSI Audio Video Security offers custom security design and installation services to all types of farms, horse farms, and any other farming/agricultural places. When you think of security cameras and other security products and/or services you might think that they are only available for homes and businesses. Today, security cameras, as well as other security products are just as important for farms and other agricultural environments.

Security cameras can help protect your animals, equipment, and home from theft, misuse, and abuse while making sure your customers receive quality products, food, and service.

Reasons For Farm Security Cameras

  • Monitor your live stock 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Protect your farm from intruders and unauthorized visitors
  • Protect your water supply and crop watering equipment
  • Prevent break ins into your home, barns, and equipment vandalism
  • Deter theft with security cameras in plain view
  • Monitor operations to ensure tasks such as milking and feeding are done
  • Watch employees to ensure they are doing the tasks you assign them
  • Remote playback to allow you view your farm anywhere with an internet connection

Agricultural Photo Gallery

Below are some photos of varies farming and agricultural projects. Horse barns, stables, farm equipment, and more.

Agricultural / Equestrian Services

Our agricultural and equestrian services are listed, but not limited to the items below. Please contact us by email or by phone if you are looking for a security system for your farming environment.

RSI Audio Video Security

Whether you’re looking to protect a single barn or many barns, live stock, animals, and farm equipment RSI Audio Video Security can help you. Contact us today by email or by giving us a call at

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