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Ring Doorbell 2 Camera Review

“Ring Doorbell – It’s Like Caller ID For Your Front Door!” If you’re looking for a simple and affordable solution for your front door security needs the Ring Doorbell 2 may be just what you need. The Ring comes out of the box with enough battery juice to get it setup immediately. Setting up the

Customer Theft Prevention

If you own a business that sells products to consumers or other businesses you most likely get those dreaded phone calls from your customers saying that they did not receive their full order. If you are just taking their word for it and shipping them extra orders then there is a good chance your customers

Employee Theft Prevention Tips

The most common form of employee theft is stealing cash from the cash register or from the company account. Other forms include time card fraud, productivity theft (cell phone abuse), office supply theft, and product inventory theft. It is estimated that companies and business owners lost over $50 billion in 2016 due to employee theft.

Security Cameras Are Not Just For Security

When people hear the words “security camera” they immediately think of cameras being place around a business or home to watch people. However, with security systems becoming very much affordable for anyone, they no longer serve a sole purpose for just security anymore. They can be used for a multiple amount of purposes in a
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