Dec 17, 2022
Make Your Michigan Gas Station Safer

In today’s world, even gas stations need a good level of security. With rising gas prices crimes such as gas theft are on the rise. But not only do you want to protect your gas pumps you should also be protecting your property, building, store, and your customers. A good way to do this is by hiring RSI to install security cameras in your gas station.

With a gas station security camera system you can monitor for things such as gas theft, shoplifting, and other events that can take place on your premises. Also, you can make your customers feel safer when visiting your gas station to fill up their vehicles.

Other Ways

Here are a few other ways to make your Michigan gas station more safer not only for you and your customers but also for your employees.

Install Lighting
If your gas station is not properly lit up during the night hours this can be very inviting for bad people to commit crimes on your property. A well lit up gas station is far better off than a dark one.

Free Security Consultation

Contact RSI to learn more about how we can put together a security plan for your gas station. We will come to your place of business and offer you a free no obligation security analysis.

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Dec 13, 2022
Make Your Michigan Church Safer

Make your Michigan church safer with the help of RSI Audio Video Security. We will come to your church to offer you a free security consultation and quote for security cameras, door card access control, as well as any other protection products you may need.

Is Your Church Safe?

When most people think of “Church” they think safety, peace, and ease of mind and nothing will ever go wrong in them. Unfortunately, just being a church does not automatically mean it is safe. Just do a quick search on YouTube and see for yourself all the misfortunes happening at all types of churches.

Even visitors of our website, after reading our security tips, send us emails like:

It’s a church why would they need security?

Churches don’t need security… they have God for security!

Church In Brooklyn, NY Get Robbed During Sermon

Just being a church alone does not protect you from criminals, angry visitors, and other unpleasant people. If anything happens to your church, visitors, and property are you ready? Here are a few things you can do to make sure that you and your church staff are ready in case of an incident.

Security Cameras

Have a security camera system installed with cameras covering every entry point and vital property areas. This way you will be able to capture the event and have stored footage for police evidence.

Door Access Control

Keys are a big problem for churches. They may change hands many times, have many copies made, and can get into the wrong hands. With a door keycard entry system you will have the ability to allow only people with a special card or keyfob have access to unlock your doors. Old keys will no longer work since the doors will be supported by new a locking system.

Other Safety Tips

The tips listed below, combined with security cameras and door access control can greatly improve the safety of your church.

Create A Single Entry Point
Funnel all of your visitors to one single entry point to your church. This should be the only unlocked door to your church at the time of any events. Assign members to monitor this door at all times. Any other doors should be locked. Be sure that all exit doors permit exit from your church.

Assign Roles
In case of an emergency assign at least 2 people to call 911 and talk to the police.

Ask For Professional Volunteers
Try to have trained professionals, such as police officers, doctors, and people with military or security backgrounds on your staff. Having some people around that can quickly snap into action and knowing what to do immediately can help save lives or make a bad situation better.

Get Two-Way Radios
Radios (walkie talkies) are a great way to communicate with other staff members. Cellphones are good but there’s always a chance for poor cell service. With radios, your staff will be able to relay messages quickly without the worries of not being able to contact anyone.

Get A List Of Crimes
Your local police should be able to provide you with a list of crimes that happened near your church campus address. It’s always good to be aware of crimes that happened nearby.

Get A Free Security Analysis and Consultation
RSI can offer your church a free security consultation by walking through your campus with you and your staff. We can offer advice on how to help you make your church safer for everyone. Contact us today to learn more.

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Dec 13, 2022
Benefits Of Leasing A Security Camera System

RSI Audio Video Security now offers low monthly lease payments for our high quality security camera systems in Michigan. Similar to leasing a car, leasing security cameras can have many benefits over outright purchasing one. Except we offer a better deal than a car lease since we don’t add in any down payment or additional fees.

Here are just a couple great benefits of leasing cameras from RSI Audio Video Security:

Free Installation
We will install your system by running wires, placing cameras for the most optimum viewing possible, program your DVR, and install apps on your smart devices.

No Money Down
That’s right. We don’t want any money down from you. Simply pay your first and last months’ payments and that’s it. You will then be automatically billed starting the next month’s cycle.

Low Monthly Lease Payments
Starting at just $99 per month we have payment plans that will fit your budget.

Always Under Warrantee
As long as you continue to pay your low monthly lease payments our equipment will always be guaranteed. All repair costs from things such as malfunctions will be covered and repaired at no cost to you.

Always Up To Date
Technology products get out of date quickly. That is why, after just 3 years, we will come and install new updated equipment free of cost to you. Simply continue the monthly lease payments.

Free Service Calls
If we need to come out any reason related to our equipment we will provide a free service call.

Should I Lease Security Cameras?

There’s no definitive right or wrong answer for whether you should lease or buy security cameras. It depends on your lifestyle, finances, and personal preference. Contact us to discuss your options, our prices, and ask any questions you may have.

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Dec 5, 2022
Porch Pirate Season Is Here

With the Holiday Season quickly approaching, porch pirates are preparing a shopping spree of their own. This involves them sneaking around your neighborhood and stealing Christmas gifts off your front porch. They know that this is the time of the year people are buying their loved ones Christmas presents. This makes packages on your porch a prime target to them. You probably seen those videos on the news where people are catching porch thieves a with videos. Just do a search on YouTube and look at the hundreds of videos of crooks caught red handed.

Christmas shopping online at places like Amazon makes Christmas shopping very convenient for residents everywhere. But many of them can’t always be home when their orders are delivered to their front door so the delivery service company usually leaves them on the front porch by the door.

Crooks will drive around the neighborhood looking for these deliveries and steal them right from your front porch. Even in broad daylight. Here are some solutions we can offer you to help prevent this from happening to you.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can not only help protect your home but also your property. With cameras viewing all around your home you will be able to see who comes near and what they are doing there. Of course a camera can be covering your front door which can deter those porch pirates.

Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbell is a great product and a great way to compliment a security camera system. Most of the YouTube linked above are actually footage captured by the Ring.

RSI Can Help

RSI can help you protect your home, business, family, and property with our professional security camera installation services. Call us today to get a free no obligation quote and an on site security evaluation. We also offer Ring Doorbell installation as well.

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Dec 4, 2022
Employee Time Theft

Employee time theft… When your employees get paid for the time that they are not devoting to you and your company. RSI has heard many stories from various customers of ours about how their employees are stealing time from them. Here are a couple of them…

Employee Time Theft comes from many sources. Especially with today’s technology from cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and all kinds of other smart devices. Let’s not forget the old fashion way of stealing time on top of all that. Employees can steal time by taking too many cigarette breaks, walking around aimlessly, chatting and socializing with their friends, etc…

Employees that are leasing a security camera system from us have reported to us that their employees are stealing time by simply lying about being on the job location when they are not. Since they are being paid for that stolen time they are essentially stealing money from that employer. The employer would look back on their camera system to see if the employee was actually there when the employee reported so.

Other Ways To Steal Time

Personal Phone Calls / Texting
Probably the biggest culprit of time theft today. Employees might not realize it but pulling that phone out of their pocket for personal use is considered time theft. The are talking/texting for personal reasons while they are being paid to dedicate their time to you.

Buddy Time Card Punching
An employee’s buddy can be punching their time card for them. Either at the start of shift because their pal is late or clock out for them so they can sneak out early and still get paid for the day. Or they can even be punching in and out for them altogether if their friend is gone for the day. A great way to squash this theft issue is having a security camera located at the time clock where everyone operating it can be viewed in plain site.

Cigarette Breaks
An employee will waste up to 7 days per year in total time spent on smoke breaks. Putting security cameras in your designated smoking area(s) can help you monitor how much time your employees are spending smoking to allow you to reprimand appropriately.

Social Media
Probably the second biggest culprit in the workforce today. Employees are using your company computers for their personal social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc… Employees will even pull out there phone and bust out a TikTok video while you are paying them for their time.

NOTE: We are not suggesting that you should dock an employees for taking smoke breaks. It is highly recommend that you look into the legal ratifications of doing that first. Check out to see what they say about it.

Old Fashioned Time Theft Methods
They still exist and are being used today. The office clown walking around disturbing everyone trying to work. Employees walking up to the water / coffee break area staying for an extended time chit-chatting. Numerous trips to the rest room or extended stays in them.

Security Cameras Help

Placing security cameras in your smoking area, break room, and all other common areas will most likely stop most, if not all, the time theft. With the ability to view live videos and playback you will have the ability to monitor any employee time theft.

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Dec 4, 2022
Security Cameras Are Not Just For Security

When you hear the words security cameras you may automatically think about security. You may might also vision security guards and police officers looking at security videos on big screen TV’s or monitors. However, these days security cameras are being used for much more than simple security reasons.

Here are some examples of what security camera systems are being used for by various customers of RSI:

Inventory / Produce Management
We also have a customer that owns a produce business. With a couple cameras pointing on his loading dock he is able to see all the products being loaded into his shipping trucks. When a customer calls and claims they didn’t receive all of their order he then sends them the video of their entire shipment going on the truck. The business owner claims that this has saved him thousands upon thousands of dollars in produce due to false claims of shipments not being received.

There’s a factory in North Carolina that was having problems with inventory coming up missing. We installed cameras in their supplies area. A year after this was done they reported to us that their losses were down nearly $200,000 for the year.

Snowplow Monitoring
We installed cameras in a business owner’s building so he can make sure that his parking lot is being plowed when it is supposed to. He will be able to see if his parking lot is clear for his customers before he gets there. It also keeps the snowplowing company honest as well. This method would also be a great way to make sure you’re landscaping company is keeping their end of the deal and cutting your grass when they are supposed to be.

Car Wash Coin Machine
Another customer of ours owns a car wash. With our installed security cameras and audio microphone pointed at the change machine he could see and hear people getting change from his coin machine remotely from home or wherever he was that had an internet connection. With this setup he has the ability to know, by the sound the machine makes, if he needs to go on-site to fill up his change machine.

Monitoring Gauges
We have a customer that owns a machine shop. Instead of his foreman having to keep coming to the shop to check on all the machines we set up cameras and pointed them at the machine gauges. Being zoomed in on the gauges the foreman is able to view them from his phone or other smart devices from the comfort of his own home. This way he only needed to come to the shop to work on the machines when he needed to without making unneeded trips throughout the day and night.

Handicapped and Elderly
Security Cameras are also being used to monitor the well-being of our loved ones. We have a customer with a special needs child with medical problems. When her child has a health issue she can download the footage from the cameras DVR and email it to their doctor so he can see what happened and let the parents know what measures to take to care for their child.

Another customer has an elderly mother that lives alone. She is taken care of by a home nursing company. So he can look in and check to see if mother is doing well. Also to make sure she is being treated well by the nurses that are responsible for taking care of her.

Security cameras are becoming much more affordable for everyone these days. They are not just for rich people or big businesses now as systems are getting more cost effective and affordable to everyone. So many people are getting them installed for many reasons other than security.

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