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Business Security Cameras

Business Security Cameras Installation Services in Michigan By RSI Audio Video Security

Business security cameras are practically a must have tool in modern commercial applications. Whether you have a one room office space or a building that is thousands of square feet you will need a security system for various reasons.

With product theft being the obvious reason here are some other examples of why your business needs security cameras:

Employee Productivity

Employee on phone causing business to lose productivity.

Every year businesses are reporting lost employee productivity time and it’s growing at an alarming rate every year. Workers are spending more time on their phones in the workplace rather than being productive. Whether it’s updating their Facebook status, composing a tweet on Twitter, or talking to friends on Snap Chat they are stealing time from your company. This is the same thing as stealing money from you since you are paying them for their time to spend on your business. A professionally installed custom security camera system by RSI Audio Video Security can help you keep your employees off their phones and continuing to be productive.

Workplace Safety

Security Cameras can help monitor workplace safety for Michigan businesses

As a business owner, supervisor, or foreman you know that not all employees like to follow the safety rules. If there is an unfortunate accident in the workplace you will want a way to review what happened. Nothing will tell the true story like a security camera system for you to go back to and take a look back. Cameras are also great for prevention as well. Workers will be sure to wear their eye protection, vests, hard hats, and other safety gear knowing that they are being monitored. This prevention can save a worker’s limb or even their life not to mention save you thousands in workman’s compensation or even lawsuits.

Machine Monitoring

Monitor automated machines with a business scurity camera system

Business security cameras are not just about watching people. With a custom built system you can have a camera pointed directly at a machine and monitor it from any computer on your network or any smart device. This allows the machine operator to be free to do other things while the machine is working. Whether you want to make sure that lathe machine is working the way it should be or that 3D printer is actually printing while you are away a properly placed security camera can do just that for you. Get in touch with RSI Audio Video Security today to learn more about how we can help your business.

Customer Integrity

Keep honest with a well place security camera in your Michigan business

Business security cameras are not only to watch employees and machines. As business owners know, not all employees are honest. Cameras can be placed on loading docks to monitor your shipping department loading up your customers’ trucks. That way when a customer calls you to complain that they did not get all of their order you can look back and verify if it was placed on the truck or if your worker just forgot it. If you have a customer in your store that claims your cashier assaulted them you will be able to see, and more importantly prove, if they were not being truthful.

Remote Viewing

Review your security cameras for your business remotely

With remote viewing capabilities you will be able view your cameras remotely anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet. You will have the ability to watch your business from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be. Want to check in while you’re on vacation? See what you’re employees are doing while you’re out of the office? Does your store have any customers shopping right now? For whatever the reason may be, you will be able to look in on your business at any time that you choose.

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