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Card Access Control

RSI Audio Video Security Door Access Control Systems

RSI Audio Video Security
offers professional installation services for the eMerge E3 Essential Card Access Control Security System. It is important to keep your place of business safe and secure at all times. With card access control, you will be able to limit access to any areas of your building, to any group of people, at any time schedule as well.

Keyless Entry

Traditional locks and keys are a thing of the past. They can get lost, stolen, or duplicated making your business unsafe and less secure. With card access you can eliminate these risks and the need to change locks. With just a few clicks you can give or take away access to any room or building.


Other than keyless entry, the card access system has many features that will make your business a much more secure and safe environment for everybody. Here are just a few:

  • Control one door or a hundred doors
  • Limit what employees have access to any doors
  • Time schedules to allow access only at certain times
  • Full tracking that shows who opened doors and what times
  • Unlock schedules to keep any door unlocked during any period of time
  • Unlimited amount of users and access levels
  • Web browser based software to administrate the access control software
  • Card deactivation to take away access to any door for anyone for any reason
  • Create temporary cards to give access to visitors, contractors, or temps
  • Allow entry into your building from your front desk with a push of a button
  • Remote access – control your system from any smart device in the world

That is just a few features of the eMerge E3 Card Access System. Contact us to learn more about how these and all the other features can help you make your place of business safer and more secure.

What’s Included

When you hire RSI Audio Video Security to install your card access system the following, but not limited to, professional services will be included:

  • All wiring fished and hidden in walls and ceiling
  • Card readers installed and wired at each door
  • Card access compatible door locks installed
  • IT consulting for network integration
  • Initial web browser set up and system configuration
  • Work area cleanup including sweeping, vacuuming, etc…
  • Customer training, classes, and consulting
  • A peace of mind knowing your business is secure

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