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Full Building WiFi Installation

RSI Audio Video Security

Full building WiFi Installation services by RSI Audio Video Security will have all of your rooms, offices, and the rest of your building have easy access to the internet. With our multiple wireless access points, your employees, guests, and customers can get a strong WiFi signal no matter where they are in the building. All of your business smart devices will be able to connect to the internet without weak signals or WiFi drops.

Features Of Full Building WiFi

The features of our full building WiFi installation include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Get a strong WiFi signal throughout your entire business building
  • Create a guest network so visitors and customers can have access as well
  • Automatically disconnect from weaker signals and reconnect to the stronger ones
  • Web browser based admin control for easy configuration and setup

Types Of Use

Every type of business these days really should have full building WiFi installed throughout their place of business. Whether it be just for employees or customers, all owners should highly consider installing full building WiFi.

Here are just a couple examples of what types of businesses will benefit from full building WiFi installation services:

  • Bars, Clubs, Pubs, or any other entertainment business
  • Machine shops that have machines that run off WiFi
  • Auto repair shops
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Corporate businesses
  • Internet cafes
  • Coffee shopes
  • Libraries
  • Child day care centers
  • Restaurants and food places

Installation Services

Our full building WiFi professional installation include the following, but not limited to, the below services:

  • Onsite walk through and wireless access point placement planning
  • Running of all necessary wiring and hiding them from view
  • Consulting with your I.T. department for networking needs and requirements
  • Installing and mounting the wireless access points
  • Making all necessary punch down connections on wires and devices
  • Configuring the equipment and wireless network(s)
  • Creating a guest network for your visitors and employees
  • Customer walk through, orientation, and training

Get Started Today

Call RSI Audio Video Security, at 586-219-0808, or email us for a free no-obligation onsite and quote. We will walk through your place of business and help you plan out where all the access points should be to get optimal performance for your wireless networking.

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