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Your Public IP (IPv4) Address:

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What Is An IP Address?

An IP address (short for Internet Protocol address) is used to identify computers on the Internet. It works like a return address would on a piece of mail.

The “IP” part of IP address stands for “Internet Protocol.” The “address” part refers to a unique number that gets linked to all online activity you do, somewhat like a return address on a letter you’d send out.

What Is A Public IP Address?

A public IP address is an IP address that can be accessed over the Internet. Like postal address used to deliver a postal mail to your home, a public IP address is the globally unique IP address assigned to a computing device. Your public IP address can be found at What is my IP Address page.

What Is A IPv6 Address?

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the replacement for IPv4. Due to the exhaustion of IPv4 as well as our ever expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), IP version 6 will allow many more devices to seamlessly connect to the internet.

A version 6 address contains eight groups of four hexadecimal digits with the groups being separated by colons. An example would be 1971:5685:b052:69e9:79i7:f777:692a:bbco – IPv4 addresses look much different. An example IPv4 would be

What Is A LAN?

LAN stands for “Local Area Network.” It will look something like this:

If you have Comcast Xfinity for your home then your LAN will most likely be something like:

If you have Comcast Business then your LAN will most likely be something like:

More IP Address Information

Looking for more information about IP Addresses?

WhatIsMyIP.com is the industry leader in providing REAL IP address information. They provide IP address tools that allow users to perform an Internet Speed Test, IP address lookup, proxy detection, IP Whois Lookup, and more. They have extensive tutorials that show users how to trace an email address, how to change IP addresses, and how to hide their IP information. Knowing your IP address is crucial for online gaming, tech support, using remote desktop connections, connecting to a security camera DVR, anonymity or even running an email server.


LAN means Local Area Network. This would be the network inside your home or business that connects your shared resources and Internet connection. The most common LAN IP address configurations are in the 192.168.xxx.xxx range. They would be called your Internal IP addresses.

WAN means Wide Area Network. This would be your Internet Service Providers Network. Many Routers label one of the Ethernet ports “Internet”, some others more correctly label it “WAN”. The WAN IP address would be your External Public IP address, the one you see at the top of this page.

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