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Home Automation Installation

RSI Audio Video Security Home Automation

Home automation allows you to easily control everything in your home, in every room, using the touch screens on your favorite smart device. Things like lighting, heating, air conditioning, and electronics can also be controlled by you from any location at any time using your Smart Phone, Android, iPhone, etc…

Home Automation Benefits

Lowering Your Bills
Cutting your bills is something we all want to do. Being able to control anything at your home whenever you want from wherever you may be will help you save a bundle on all of your bills. Save on your electric bill by being able to control your lighting, cut heating and cooling costs when you can control your heat and air conditioning at any time, conserve water with sprinkler system control, and much more.

Not only will a home automation system help you save a bundle of cash on all of your bills but it’s also very convenient for you and the entire family. What can be more convenient then being able to control your entire home by pushing buttons no matter where you may be?

What Can I Control?

With Home Automation you can control just about anything in your home. The possibilities are endless. Here are some of the most popular things that you can do:

Working late? Coming home from a party later than expected? Come home to a brightly lit home instead of a dark one. Also by being able to turn your lights on when it starts to get dark your home does not look empty which could be an invitation to a burglar.

Leaving your home when it’s still dark in the early morning? No problem. With home automation you can leave your home with the lights still on and then turn them off later on when daylight comes. No need to keep your lights on all day to burn electricity and light bulbs.

Home Automation gives you the power to control your home lighting no matter where you are. You can turn the lights on and off in any of your rooms and control each individual room and exterior lighting.

Thermostats For Heating And Cooling:

During the hot summer months energy bills can get pretty high due to keeping the air conditioner on all day long. You can cut those bills down drastically with home automation. Nobody likes to come home to a hot home. So many people turn their AC on in the morning before going to work and leave it on all day while they are at work. Instead of wasting energy by cooling an empty home you can turn it on anytime you want from anywhere you are. So you can turn it on an hour or so before leaving work and come home to a cool home.

During the cold winter months the bills can get pretty high due to keeping your heating temperature on too high all day long. Just like not wanting to come home to a hot home in the summer nobody wants to come home to a cold house in the winter. With home automation you can keep your heating thermostat down to a minimum and then turn it up a couple hours before returning home.

Home Security:

Want to see what’s going on at your home while you are away? With home automation you can log into your camera system and visually see, in real-time, specific areas of your home. Control the camera to rotate, zoom in/out, and even take snap shots of areas when you want. Not only is this a good way to keep an eye on your home and property but is also a great way to monitor your children, cleaning services, or house guests.

Access Control
Unlock and lock a specific door in your home or open your garage whenever you like no matter where you are.

Home Theater
A home theater system has many components and they usually all come package with their own remotes. With a home automation setup you can control all of your components from one simple device so you can enjoy your entertainment without having to fuss with 5 different remote controls.

Sprinkler Systems
Home automation doesn’t limit you to controlling what’s inside your home but also what’s on the outside as well. How many times have you watered your grass while it was raining because you weren’t home to turn off the sprinklers? Conserve water and cut down on your water bill by being able to remotely turn your sprinklers on or off. You can even program them to automatically turn off when rain is sensed or to turn on when motion is sensed which is a great way to deter animals and trespassers.

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