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Man Cave Design and Installation

RSI Audio Video Security

Does your man cave need a little help? RSI Audio Video Security can custom design your man cave and then professionally install it so you are the envy of all of your friends and family. Host all of the big games at your home with flat screen TV’s installed on every wall, surround sound throughout the basement or room, and much more.

Man Cave Design

Don’t just put a TV on a chair or night stand and call it your man cave. We can come to your home and custom design a man cave that you will love and have all of your friends wanting to come over for all of the huge games. We can install multiple TV’s so no matter where a person is in the room, they will be able to see it. With our top notch surround sound systems they will also be able to hear it very good as well. Your TV’s can all play one game on all or each TV can have different games on.

Man Cave Installation

Our custom design and installation service includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • In home consultation to help you decide what equipment you will need for your project
  • Prepping of the man cave are such as taking measurement
  • Carefully unpackaging TV’s, stereos, speakers, and other equipment
  • Running necessary wires through walls and ceilings to conceal all wiring
  • Mounting TV’s to the walls, making sure they are level and appropriate height
  • Cutting in speakers for wall and/or ceiling speakers
  • Installing speakers and testing to ensure they work
  • Connecting all devices such as TV’s, DVR’s, DVD’s, and surround sound
  • Job area cleanup such as vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning TV’s
  • Final check and testing to ensure all equipment and TV’s are working
  • Customer walk through, orientation, and training

Free Quote and Consultation

Before you start your project be sure to contact us at 586-219-0808 or by sending us an email. Learn how RSI Audio Video Security can custom design and install a killer man cave for you in your home.

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