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Residential Pre-Wiring

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What Is Pre-Wiring

Residential Pre-wiring is the process of building your new home and wiring the house for systems such as alarm systems, fire alarm and safety, security cameras and surveillance, network cabling, a home theater system, and more with all the wiring already in place. The pre-wiring stage should be done after the walls are build but before the drywall is put in place.

During the construction process of any new home, considerations for your audio, video, security, and electrical needs should be just as important as every other decision you make while planning your new home. This is because it’s much easier and more cost effective to plan in advance and pre-wire for you’re needs during the construction period than it is to try and run wires after your house has already been built.

Trying to get wires where they need to go after the walls are already finished is a very difficult task and can cost thousands of dollars in labor, not to mention hours upon hours of labor and frustration. Some projects could even be impossible to do which would lead to exposed messy wires and other electrical problems.

Home Resale Value

A new construction home that is carefully and properly pre-wired will also greatly increase the resale value. Many realtors have reported that one of the biggest reasons, that homes have a hard time being sold is because they were not properly pre-wired by the builder and lack the adequate amount of plugs, cable jacks, alarms, security, and other outlets. A pre wired home will have much more selling power than one that is not pre-wired.

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