Dec 13, 2022
Make Your Michigan Church Safer

Make your Michigan church safer with the help of RSI Audio Video Security. We will come to your church to offer you a free security consultation and quote for security cameras, door card access control, as well as any other protection products you may need.

Is Your Church Safe?

When most people think of “Church” they think safety, peace, and ease of mind and nothing will ever go wrong in them. Unfortunately, just being a church does not automatically mean it is safe. Just do a quick search on YouTube and see for yourself all the misfortunes happening at all types of churches.

Even visitors of our website, after reading our security tips, send us emails like:

It’s a church why would they need security?

Churches don’t need security… they have God for security!

Church In Brooklyn, NY Get Robbed During Sermon

Just being a church alone does not protect you from criminals, angry visitors, and other unpleasant people. If anything happens to your church, visitors, and property are you ready? Here are a few things you can do to make sure that you and your church staff are ready in case of an incident.

Security Cameras

Have a security camera system installed with cameras covering every entry point and vital property areas. This way you will be able to capture the event and have stored footage for police evidence.

Door Access Control

Keys are a big problem for churches. They may change hands many times, have many copies made, and can get into the wrong hands. With a door keycard entry system you will have the ability to allow only people with a special card or keyfob have access to unlock your doors. Old keys will no longer work since the doors will be supported by new a locking system.

Other Safety Tips

The tips listed below, combined with security cameras and door access control can greatly improve the safety of your church.

Create A Single Entry Point
Funnel all of your visitors to one single entry point to your church. This should be the only unlocked door to your church at the time of any events. Assign members to monitor this door at all times. Any other doors should be locked. Be sure that all exit doors permit exit from your church.

Assign Roles
In case of an emergency assign at least 2 people to call 911 and talk to the police.

Ask For Professional Volunteers
Try to have trained professionals, such as police officers, doctors, and people with military or security backgrounds on your staff. Having some people around that can quickly snap into action and knowing what to do immediately can help save lives or make a bad situation better.

Get Two-Way Radios
Radios (walkie talkies) are a great way to communicate with other staff members. Cellphones are good but there’s always a chance for poor cell service. With radios, your staff will be able to relay messages quickly without the worries of not being able to contact anyone.

Get A List Of Crimes
Your local police should be able to provide you with a list of crimes that happened near your church campus address. It’s always good to be aware of crimes that happened nearby.

Get A Free Security Analysis and Consultation
RSI can offer your church a free security consultation by walking through your campus with you and your staff. We can offer advice on how to help you make your church safer for everyone. Contact us today to learn more.

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