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Nursing Home Security Cameras

Remote View Elderly Security and Monitoring

Nursing Home Security Cameras Are A Great Asset To Your Facility

Nursing home security cameras are a great way for elderly health care companies to monitor their facilities, resident activities, and staff. Things like patient mistreatment, slip and falls, residents getting lost, etc are not good to deal with. Therefore, installing a custom security camera system can help make things like this much easier to manage.

Security cameras for nursing home facilities can help you monitor:

Resident Mistreatment

Unfortunately, not everyone in the elderly healthcare field loves their job. As a result, abuse of the residents becomes a problem. With a custom installed security camera system, managing and monitoring this can be easier. If a company or a resident family member is suspecting abuse, it can be reviewed. If any abuse is discovered it can then be used as evidence.

Resident Monitoring

Keep an eye on your residents within the common areas at all times. Being able to locate a resident right from your front desk is a great advantage. Can’t find a patient? You will be able to check your cameras to find them quickly.

Staff Monitoring

Remote View Elderly Security and Monitoring
Just like any other profession, not all healthcare nurses are honest and abide by the rules. Resident abuse comes in many forms such as hitting, shoving, shouting at, etc… Sometimes, residents are left alone for long periods of time. They also get their property and money stolen. As a result, security cameras are a good option to help companies monitor their staff members.

Remote Viewing

RSI Audio Video Security Remote View of Assisted Living and Monitoring
Security camera systems have remote viewing capabilities. Therefore, key staff members can have the ability to view them from a remote location. Even more, they can watch them on any smart device from anywhere with an internet connection.

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