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Security Cameras Are Not Just For Security

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Security Cameras Can Be Used For Much More Than Security

When people hear the words “security camera” they immediately think of cameras being place around a business or home to watch people. However, with security systems becoming very much affordable for anyone, they no longer serve a sole purpose for just security anymore. They can be used for a multiple amount of purposes in a business or home.

Here are just a few examples of how our customers use security cameras for other reasons than security:

Car Wash Jingle

We have one customer that owns a coin operated car wash. We have a security camera pointed at the change machine with audio as well. We installed this for the business owner not just so he can prevent theft or damage to his property. We also gave him the ability to remote view his camera on his cellphone or any other smart device. Now from anywhere in the world, where he has an internet connection, he can not only view his change machine he can also listen to the sound the machine makes when people are using it. This might not sound like a big deal but this allows him to be able to tell if the change machine needs is running low (by the sound of the coins dropping) and needs to be filled. He can do this without leaving home and saving valuable time by never having to make unnecessary trips to a full change machine.

Keeping Contractors In Line

There is a customer that we have that has a place of business where it is important that his parking lot is kept snow and ice free at all times. With security cameras placed around his building to view the parking lot he can see if his snow plow contractors are doing what he’s paying them for… keeping his parking lot clean of snow and ice. Also, with remote viewing capabilities he can do monitor it from home and see if his parking lot is clean long before anyone enters it.

Boiler Room Monitoring

We installed security cameras at a church a few years back. We placed one of them in a boiler room and have it pointed at all of the gauges. This way, they can monitor all of their gauges without having to walk to the room and enter it to look. With remote viewing, this can also be done when they aren’t even in the building.

Special Needs

Another customer, of ours, has a child with special medical needs. We installed security cameras throughout their home including the child’s bedroom. This way if there’s an incident they can get the footage off of the camera system and send it for their doctor to view. By looking at the video the family doctor can determine if a trip to the hospital is in need or the incident will pass on its own.

Machine Monitoring

There is a factory that we installed a security camera system for in Shelby Township, MI. They have about 8 camera pointing at their machines. This way their machine operators can view their machines anywhere and make sure they are working as they should be while they are doing other things.

Chatty Kathy / Ken

With the invention of the cellphone and other smart gadgets employers are losing countless hours of employee productivity. Whether they’re posting a Facebook status update, tweeting a tweet on Twitter, Snap chatting, or posting selfies on Instagram they are essentially stealing from you. This is because you are paying them for their time while they are using it to do other things instead of their jobs. With security cameras you will be able to view your employees and see which ones are abusing their phones in the work environment so you can take action accordingly.

Watch Your Pets

If you’re away from home for a long time and have pets then you will worry about them being alone. With a security camera system you can have a peace of mind being able to look into their well-being whenever you want from wherever you may be.

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These are just a few examples of how security camera systems can be used for reasons other than security. Have other ideas to add? Join us on our Facebook Page to post your idea.

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