Door access control installation services provided by RSI will have you saying good-bye to dealing with keeping track of keys that get lost, damaged, shared, or stolen. With our door keycard access system you will never have to change a lock ever again or worry about keys. With remote management you can manage your door security system on a web browser from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Door Card Access Control
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Have Full Control Over Your Doors

With our door access control system you will have full control over your building entry doors. Whether you have one single door you want to control access to or one hundred doors we can help you keep your building safe and secure.

Here are just some of the features that you can have with our door access control system:

Programmable Key Cards
Allows you to give employees a programmed card so they can unlock the doors you set them to. You will also be able to turn these cards on or off whenever you want. No more having to worry about keys that fired and disgruntled employees keep or may have made copies.

Access Levels
Control what employees have access to which door(s). Your IT room, for example, is a door that only your IT employees should have access to.

Scheduled Access
If your building is not open 24 hours then it’s most likely you don’t want just anyone having the ability to enter it at any time for any reason. With access scheduling you will be able to set schedules that will allow keycards to open locked doors at only certain times such as working hours.

Full Reporting
View detailed reports on who entered your building and at what time or see if anyone is attempting to enter doors that they shouldn’t be trying to enter. Also a great tool to use to see if your fired employees are still trying to enter the premises.

Browser Based Management
No special software downloads needed. Simply open any web browser such as Google Chrome and have the ability to manage your access control system right from your PC, laptop, phone, or smart device.

Remote Management
Manage your access control program from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. Whether you’re at home or on vacation you can take comfort in knowing you will still be able to access your system anytime you wish to deactivate cards, add new ones, view logs and reports, etc… you have have complete control as if you were still inside your building.

Hundreds of Features
Our door access control program has hundreds of more features that can be implemented for your use. Get in touch with us to discuss your door keycard access control needs.

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