In today’s world of technology where just about everything you do in your home or business, having a decent WiFi network is a must have. That is why RSI has become an authorized dealer with eero from Amazon. We have installed and setup hundreds of WiFi mesh networks for all types of homes and business buildings. RSI can help you improve your wifi network so that you get reliable and full strength signals in throughout your building and/or house.

Eero WiFi Installation Services

Our mesh network installation services include, but not limited to:

Free Wifi Analysis
We will come to your home and/or business to do a walk-through and analyze your WiFi network. We will look to see how well or poor your WiFi signal strength is, by running speed tests, in every corner of your building.

Eero Placement and Set Up
After we determine what is needed to make your WiFi stronger with our strategic placement we will then begin placing them. After placement setup begins by connecting your new mesh network to your existing internet modem or router.

Device Connection
Since you will most likely have a new WiFi network name and password all your devices will no longer work. We will re-connect all devices such as TV’s, printers, phones, and other smart devices.

Guest Network Setup
When you have guests over and want to give them access to your WiFi system giving them your main network name and password is not a very good idea. This is because they will be able to control devices in your home/business that you may not want them controlling. Therefore, we will set up your guest WiFi network so you can have a separate system just for guests.

Full Management Services
RSI can offer full managed services. This means we can monitor your new network for you while your enjoy the benefits of a fast speed network. Of course, you may have the option of having your network transferred to yourself for you to manage it. Everything is a breeze with the Android and Apple Eero app.

Training And Instructions
We don’t just set it up and go. If you choose to manage your WiFi yourself we will help you download the app and then transfer the management of your new network to you. We will go over the features with you and how to make changes you may want to change. Of course, we can manage it all for you if you just don’t want to deal with it.

Get A Free WiFi Analysis

Call or eMail us today to learn more about how RSI can help you improve your WiFi signal strength throughout your entire home, business, or any other building. We will come to you, analyze your WiFi network for strength by running speed tests.