Security camera leasing, for your home and business, is now an option in Michigan. RSI now offers various leasing options for high quality cameras and DVR’s at very affordable pricing. With a lease option, acquiring a security monitoring system is now realistic for everyone.

Lease a high quality security camera system in Michigan from RSI
Low Monthly Security Camera System Payments By RSI

Definition of Peace of Mind
A feeling of being safe or protected.
Example: Installing a security system in your home will give you greater peace of mind.
Source: Merriam Webster

Security Camera Leasing

What do you get with our lease options for security cameras? All our plans will include, but not limited to, the below:

Free Installation
You will not be charged for the installation of our security camera equipment. We will run all the wires for all cameras.

Free Remote View App
We will install the free app on your phones, tablets, and other smart devices so you can view your cameras live while being anywhere in the world. You will also be able to remotely play back any saved security footage. Our leasing service includes installing the app anyone’s device(s) of the persons you would like to have access.

Free DVR Programming
Programming your DVR will be done by RSI on the day we go live with your camera system. We can program it for motion detection, multi-user, etc…

Free Audio Sound
Not only will you be able to see what’s going on at your home and business you will also be able to hear it as well. All security cameras will have the option to have one way audio enabled.

Free Training and Instruction
RSI will provide free training to you, your family, and staff the day we go live with your new security camera system. You will know how to view live video and listen to audio as well as playback any saved footage from previous days.

No Down Payment
Our lease options do not require a down payment of any amount. You simply pay the first and last months’ payments the day we go live. So if you lease a 4 camera system at just $99 per month your payment will be only $198 and your next payment will no be due until the next month.

Low Lease Payments
We understand that budgets are tight these days. This is why we’ve come up with an affordable security camera leasing program. Instead of paying thousands of dollars upfront lease programs make it easier to fit any type of budget for home and business owners alike.

New Equipment Every 3 Years
With all of our leasing plan options, we will update all of your equipment with new and updated equipment. A fresh new cameras and DVR will be installed. This is all at no extra cost to you. Simply keep paying the lease payments as you already have been.

Get Started Today

Call or eMail us today to learn more about how RSI can put together an affordable monthly leasing plan for our high quality security camera systems. Keep your business, home, family, employees, and property safe with the benefits of leasing.