TV installation is not a DIY (do it yourself) project. But unfortunately, it one of the most attempted projects by homeowners, especially new ones. By the time they usually realize that they should have hired professionals, it’s usually too late and the damage has been done. Costly drywall damage and other mishaps are endured to fix the mishaps that could have been avoided from the start.

Professional TV Installation Services by RSI Audio Video Security
Professional TV Installation Services By RSI

RSI TV Installation Services

The team of professionals at RSI have years of experience installing televisions. We have mounted TV’s where people on just about every wall surface imaginable. Brick wall fireplaces, electrical heating fireplaces, behind doors, outdoor patios, basements, mancaves, and many other places.

Our TV Mounting Services Include:

On Site Consulting
Before we install your new TV we will come to your home or office to discuss your project with you. We will do a walk-through to recommend the size of the TV as well as how we would fish the wires.

Purchasing Your TV
We will buy your TV on your behalf, pick it up, and bring it to your home to install. This will give you peace in mind knowing your TV won’t be damaged during transportation.

Mounting Bracket Supplied
The mounting bracket for your TV will be supplied by us. No need for you to worry about if you purchased the correct size or kind.

Concealment Of Wires
All wiring will be fished throughout the walls and places where they will never be seen by you or your guests (how embarrassing).

TV Mounting
We will mount your new TV and treat is as if it was our own. It will be securely mounted to the installation service area with no worries of falling down and it will be level as well.

Wire Connections
The proper wires will be ran and connected to the devices such as your cable box, DVD player, game console, etc…

Remote Control Programming
Remote controls can be tricky to program. We will handle that for you as part of our installation service. We have programmed many remotes and have hundreds of control codes that make just about any remote workable.

The Clean Up
Again, we will treat your home as if it was our own. After we complete your TV installation we will clean up after ourselves. This includes tasks like vacuuming, fingerprint and smudge cleaning, etc…

Customer Training
Taking your hard earned money and running is not part of our service. We will show you how to operate everything and will not leave until you are comfortable with the use of your new installed TV.

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