Dec 4, 2022
Employee Time Theft

Employee time theft… When your employees get paid for the time that they are not devoting to you and your company. RSI has heard many stories from various customers of ours about how their employees are stealing time from them. Here are a couple of them…

Employee Time Theft comes from many sources. Especially with today’s technology from cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and all kinds of other smart devices. Let’s not forget the old fashion way of stealing time on top of all that. Employees can steal time by taking too many cigarette breaks, walking around aimlessly, chatting and socializing with their friends, etc…

Employees that are leasing a security camera system from us have reported to us that their employees are stealing time by simply lying about being on the job location when they are not. Since they are being paid for that stolen time they are essentially stealing money from that employer. The employer would look back on their camera system to see if the employee was actually there when the employee reported so.

Other Ways To Steal Time

Personal Phone Calls / Texting
Probably the biggest culprit of time theft today. Employees might not realize it but pulling that phone out of their pocket for personal use is considered time theft. The are talking/texting for personal reasons while they are being paid to dedicate their time to you.

Buddy Time Card Punching
An employee’s buddy can be punching their time card for them. Either at the start of shift because their pal is late or clock out for them so they can sneak out early and still get paid for the day. Or they can even be punching in and out for them altogether if their friend is gone for the day. A great way to squash this theft issue is having a security camera located at the time clock where everyone operating it can be viewed in plain site.

Cigarette Breaks
An employee will waste up to 7 days per year in total time spent on smoke breaks. Putting security cameras in your designated smoking area(s) can help you monitor how much time your employees are spending smoking to allow you to reprimand appropriately.

Social Media
Probably the second biggest culprit in the workforce today. Employees are using your company computers for their personal social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc… Employees will even pull out there phone and bust out a TikTok video while you are paying them for their time.

NOTE: We are not suggesting that you should dock an employees for taking smoke breaks. It is highly recommend that you look into the legal ratifications of doing that first. Check out to see what they say about it.

Old Fashioned Time Theft Methods
They still exist and are being used today. The office clown walking around disturbing everyone trying to work. Employees walking up to the water / coffee break area staying for an extended time chit-chatting. Numerous trips to the rest room or extended stays in them.

Security Cameras Help

Placing security cameras in your smoking area, break room, and all other common areas will most likely stop most, if not all, the time theft. With the ability to view live videos and playback you will have the ability to monitor any employee time theft.

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