Dec 13, 2022
Benefits Of Leasing A Security Camera System

RSI Audio Video Security now offers low monthly lease payments for our high quality security camera systems in Michigan. Similar to leasing a car, leasing security cameras can have many benefits over outright purchasing one. Except we offer a better deal than a car lease since we don’t add in any down payment or additional fees.

Here are just a couple great benefits of leasing cameras from RSI Audio Video Security:

Free Installation
We will install your system by running wires, placing cameras for the most optimum viewing possible, program your DVR, and install apps on your smart devices.

No Money Down
That’s right. We don’t want any money down from you. Simply pay your first and last months’ payments and that’s it. You will then be automatically billed starting the next month’s cycle.

Low Monthly Lease Payments
Starting at just $99 per month we have payment plans that will fit your budget.

Always Under Warrantee
As long as you continue to pay your low monthly lease payments our equipment will always be guaranteed. All repair costs from things such as malfunctions will be covered and repaired at no cost to you.

Always Up To Date
Technology products get out of date quickly. That is why, after just 3 years, we will come and install new updated equipment free of cost to you. Simply continue the monthly lease payments.

Free Service Calls
If we need to come out any reason related to our equipment we will provide a free service call.

Should I Lease Security Cameras?

There’s no definitive right or wrong answer for whether you should lease or buy security cameras. It depends on your lifestyle, finances, and personal preference. Contact us to discuss your options, our prices, and ask any questions you may have.

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