Dec 11, 2022
How To Improve Your Sports Bar

As a business owner you are always trying to come up with new ideas to help increase your business and bring more customers through your doors. If you own a sports bar, club, or pub RSI Audio Video Security can help your place become the best option for sports fans in your area. When the big game is on and sports fans want to go to a place to have some drinks, food and good entertainment your place will the first one that they think of.

Here are just a couple of the professional services that we can provide that will make your bar the envy of other bar owners:

Install Multiple TV’s
On days of very large sporting events like the Super Bowl or World Series having only one big screen TV might bring in the huge crowds since everyone is looking to watch one game anyways. But on normal days and nights when there are a variety of games on TV different groups can come in and want to watch their own game. Having one or two TVs will limit them to viewing only what everyone else is watching. Also, if your place is too big and people have to sit far from the screen then they may not be able to see the TV that well. Or if you have a lot of obstructions such as beams, poles, or walls then customers might not be able to see around them.

Make Every Seat The Best Seat In The House
Don’t be one of those sports bars that has one tiny TV that everyone has to crowd around and struggle to see. Having multiple flat screen TV’s mounted throughout the place is a great way to make it easier for your customers to watch the games. You should have TV’s installed so your visitors can see one no matter where they stand or sit. I really like the places that have a television installed at every booth and give each table the capabilities to watch whatever they choose, separate from the other TV’s in the bar. RSI Audio Video Security offers commercial flat screen TV installation services.

Background Music and Surround Sound
Having background music with speakers installed so your visitors can hear music throughout your bar is a great way set the mood. Having music playing in the background will have customers being in a friendly and money spending mood. Surround sound is a great feature to have if you have all of your TV’s on one channel. Events such as a big boxing match or fight on pay per view would be a good example for the need for surround sound.

Professional Installation Services
If you have a sports bar, club, or pub in the Michigan area contact us at 586-219-0808 to learn more about how RSI Audio Video Security can help your bar become the place that sports fans think about first when wanting to go somewhere to watch their favorite sporting events. Ask us for a free no-obligation onsite consultation and quote. We will professionally install all of your new equipment so your customers won’t see any of the wires.

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