Dec 4, 2022
Security Cameras Are Not Just For Security

When you hear the words security cameras you may automatically think about security. You may might also vision security guards and police officers looking at security videos on big screen TV’s or monitors. However, these days security cameras are being used for much more than simple security reasons.

Here are some examples of what security camera systems are being used for by various customers of RSI:

Inventory / Produce Management
We also have a customer that owns a produce business. With a couple cameras pointing on his loading dock he is able to see all the products being loaded into his shipping trucks. When a customer calls and claims they didn’t receive all of their order he then sends them the video of their entire shipment going on the truck. The business owner claims that this has saved him thousands upon thousands of dollars in produce due to false claims of shipments not being received.

There’s a factory in North Carolina that was having problems with inventory coming up missing. We installed cameras in their supplies area. A year after this was done they reported to us that their losses were down nearly $200,000 for the year.

Snowplow Monitoring
We installed cameras in a business owner’s building so he can make sure that his parking lot is being plowed when it is supposed to. He will be able to see if his parking lot is clear for his customers before he gets there. It also keeps the snowplowing company honest as well. This method would also be a great way to make sure you’re landscaping company is keeping their end of the deal and cutting your grass when they are supposed to be.

Car Wash Coin Machine
Another customer of ours owns a car wash. With our installed security cameras and audio microphone pointed at the change machine he could see and hear people getting change from his coin machine remotely from home or wherever he was that had an internet connection. With this setup he has the ability to know, by the sound the machine makes, if he needs to go on-site to fill up his change machine.

Monitoring Gauges
We have a customer that owns a machine shop. Instead of his foreman having to keep coming to the shop to check on all the machines we set up cameras and pointed them at the machine gauges. Being zoomed in on the gauges the foreman is able to view them from his phone or other smart devices from the comfort of his own home. This way he only needed to come to the shop to work on the machines when he needed to without making unneeded trips throughout the day and night.

Handicapped and Elderly
Security Cameras are also being used to monitor the well-being of our loved ones. We have a customer with a special needs child with medical problems. When her child has a health issue she can download the footage from the cameras DVR and email it to their doctor so he can see what happened and let the parents know what measures to take to care for their child.

Another customer has an elderly mother that lives alone. She is taken care of by a home nursing company. So he can look in and check to see if mother is doing well. Also to make sure she is being treated well by the nurses that are responsible for taking care of her.

Security cameras are becoming much more affordable for everyone these days. They are not just for rich people or big businesses now as systems are getting more cost effective and affordable to everyone. So many people are getting them installed for many reasons other than security.

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