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Sling TV Review

RSI Audio Video Security Sling TV Review

When It Comes To Live TV Streaming Sling TV Has A Lot Of Work To Do

This past weekend I was out in my backyard having a nice cozy bonfire. I recently installed a flat screen television on my shed near my bonfire pit so I can enjoy a movie by the fire. While I was turning on my TV to watch something on NetFlix thought I’d check out an app that I heard about called Sling TV. They offer a free 7-day trial so I figured why not give it a try. After I registered and got set up with my monthly plan I opened up the app. About 30 minutes later, I was back in my account section looking for the cancellation button.

Sling TV App

The app itself is a great app. I was pretty excited to see the guide showing all the schedules of all my selected channels. It was just like a cable TV guide channel. When you register, you have a choice from 3 different channel plans. The more channels you wanted the higher the price. You can also add a la cart channels for sports, movies, etc…

Sling TV Picture Quality

The picture quality is actually pretty good. I was surprised since I didn’t think it would be all that great. It’s not super high definition but it gets the job done.

So far two for two…

Sling TV Streaming Quality

This is the most important thing to me since the streaming quality is what gives you the actually TV picture. Unfortunately, Sling TV falls way too short in this department. The picture was very frustrating and irritating to watch. The picture would look like still frames of photographs and the sound would be choppy as well. In cases, the audio would be fine while the picture would be frozen.

I did a Google search on Sling TV and it was not good. It appears Sling TV has some issues and kinks to work out. Until then, I will just stick with NetFlix.

Got Any Ideas?

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